“This Revolution Is Not Complete” on BBC 6 Music

by Ruth

Our song was played on 6 Radio Music’s “riot grrrlz” show last night!

You can listen to the show here.

It’s available on iPlayer until the end of the month. They play a bit fast and loose with the idea of “riot grrrl” but it’s well worth a listen with some amazing tunes all round.

Massive thanks to everyone who requested our songs, particularly our musical buddy Maki Yamazaki / Dr Carmilla (whose tweet was read out on the show) and riot grrrl legends Lucid Nation. A shout out also to Grim Dylan, the other underground Midlands band whose music was played – they’ve just released an album and it’s really good.

If you wanna hear loads more awesome feminist punk bands, you should have a peek at our UK Riot Grrrl page!