Issue 7  (October 2014)

This zine was a long time coming, but we’re really proud of it!

1Contents include:


Issue 6  (November 2013)

Yet to be scanned – sorry!

Contents include:

Issue 5 
(May 2013)

We had a lot of fun making the cover of our fifth zine – it involved some leftover fabric paint, a couple of brushes and lots of blotting/flicking. The original copy is still somewhat sticky.

zine #5 cover

Contents include:

  • a gentle critique of Julie Bindel’s attitude towards trans people
  • the role of capitalism in rape culture (guest article by Jo McKillop)
  • an informative piece of women’s history (guest comic by Holly Cruise)
  • a rant about the erasure of women within accounts of punk
  • protests in Bangladesh (guest article by Nazia Hussein)
  • bands to check out – part 2!
  • riot grrrl review – feat. Husbands N Knives and the Carry On Rioting compilation

Issue 4  (February 2013)

We haven’t scanned our fourth zine yet, but we will at some point, promises. It tackles a whole host of issues, including fear of writing, the Suzanne Moore/Julie Burchill freedom of speech/transphobia debate, and discourses of sexual violence. It’s not all heavy going though, as there are also comics and memes shamelessly acquired from friends through the Internet.

Issue 3  
(October 2012)

Our third zine predominantly explores ideas of “riot grrrl” – what does it mean today, and is it still relevant? We also reflect on Not Right after playing music together for over a year.

Issue 2
  (May 2012)

Our second zine has a lot more hand-drawn/handwritten stuff than the first, which made it harder to turn into a PDF. It’s therefore a bit rough and ready, but we hope you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Issue 1 
(February 2012)

We made a zine, and then adapted it for the interwebs in an amateurish fashion. It doesn’t work quite as well as the original, but is still full of lovely writings.

Physical Incarnations

Hard copies of each zine are still available! If you fancy ordering one (for free! although contributions towards postage cost would be greatly appreciated) please email us: notrightpunk@gmail.com