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Live from 2015

by Ruth

We played our last gig in 2015 at the brilliant Odd Box Weekender in London’s Shacklewell Arms. Our set was actually filmed in its entirety, but we never got around to putting it up on our website…until now.

So, if you’ve still got some love in your life for Not Right, and fancy a little blast from the rapidly-receding past.

The rest of the set can be watched on our video page (where you can also chart our songs’ gradual increase in speed over time!).

All the news that’s new

by Ruth

We’ve added two gigs to the “live” page…

The most exciting of these is our very first excursion to London. We’ll be playing alongside The Makeshifts and B.O.Y. at Bar Wotever on Tuesday 29th May. Come along for a queer old time!

We’ve also added some new photos and a couple of live recordings (with more hopefully to come).


by Ruth

There are now actually things to see and do on this site! We’ve updated the “live” page, added pictures and videos, and tentatively launched the beginnings of a directory of active riot grrrl acts in the UK. Expect a couple of live recordings (of considerably better quality than the videos) and the first issue of our zine to follow soon.