TORY SCUM video – kindly assembled by Punkvert VJ funkcutter!


Odd Box Weekender (May 2015)

“Never Back Down” / “Balls”

“The Lead Role” / “Intersectionality Song”

“No Surprises” / “My Body”

“Banksters” / “Facilitation of Lawful Protest”

“Debate Club Wanker”

“This Revolution Is Not Complete”

“Tory Scum” / “Rebel Girl”


Revolt (November 2014)

Includes footage of “Balls” and “Tory Scum” from 03:49


Battle of the Bands (February 2013)

00:00 Anti-Social Media
01:19 Tory Scum
03:41 This Revolution is Not Complete
06:44 Balls
07:52 Kirsty’s PhD
08:48 The Facilitation of Lawful Protest
11:43 My Body


Nottinghamshire Pride (July 2012)























“Debate Club Wanker”




















“Short Songs”


















“Intersectionality Song”
















“Rebel Girl”













“Kirsty’s PhD”












“The Facilitation of Lawful Protest”










“Tory Scum”








GYGL Fundraiser (February 2012)







Tavistock Clinic rant / “Debate Club Wanker”:




“My Body”: