UK riot grrrl archive

This is pretty patchy at the moment! Please do suggest bands/cool stories in the comments.


The C(i)A (Tumblr) (Facebook)
Riot grrrls from the North East. 2011-2013.

Crash Paris (Tumblr) (Facebook)
Riot grrrl/grunge from Bristol. 2011-2012.

Etai Keshiki (Home page) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
No wave/hardcore from Leeds. 2008-2013

hissyfit (Facebook) (Myspace)
Bratwave from Brighton.

The Makeshifts (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
Queer punk from London. 2011-2012.

Mean Bikini (Bandcamp) (Soundcloud) (Tumblr) (Facebook)
Lo-fi garage punk from London. 2011-2014.

Pettybone (Home page) (Myspace)
Hardcore punk from London. 2010-2012.

Scragfight (Facebook) (Myspace)
Riot grrrl from Glasgow. 2009-2013.



Moonkat (1998-2003)
Moonkat supported Yeah Yeah Yeahs, British Sea Power and Snow Patrol.

Tar Baby
Tar Baby members were involved in Riot Grrrl London. Drummer Soph is now in My Therapist Says Hot Damn.

You can read a review of one of their gigs here.

Witches of Oz (2000-2002)
Three-piece from Essex. They played Ladyfest in Glasgow. Drummer Vicki created the Firefly zine.


Blood Sausage

Coping Saw

Golden Starlet

Huggy Bear

International Strike Force


Mambo Taxi

Phantom Pregnancies

Pussycat Trash

Skinned Teen

Small Black Pig

Wack Cat


Voodoo Queens