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In which Not Right appear all over the place

by Ruth

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at Revolt – it was great to see so many people having a good time! We had some issues hearing ourselves on stage but apparently no-one noticed, which can only be a good thing. Apparently we sound like a proper band now and everything.

Talking of recent gigs, we’ve just put up some photos from Battle of the Bands. You can see them here.

Looking ahead to the future, we have many exciting gigs coming up. Here’s the ones we have confirmed at present:

Saturday 20th April
(Leamington Spa)
We’ll be playing brand new Leamington venue LAMP alongside pop-punkers Taxi Treats and blues rock band Handsome Devils Club. This looks likely to be our last gig on home turf for a little while plus we’ve got a nice long set with many, many (short) songs, so if you live locally you should totally come down to see us play. We might even play some new tunes we’ve been working on…
More details, tickets etc.
Facebook event page.

Friday 10th May (London)
We’re playing the wonderfully named National Minimum Rage at Power Lunches in Hackney. Shopping and Methodist Centre are also playing, there will be DJs from Power Queers and Cinnamon Buns, zine distros, and a screening of “She Said Boom”, a documentary about Canadian feminist punk pioneers Fifth Column.
Facebook event page.

Saturday 11th May (Birmingham)
Can’t make it to London? Well, we’ll be shuttling up to the Midlands the very next day to take part in a punk halfdayer at the Adam & Eve organised by Birmingham collective Punks Alive. There will be many awesome bands playing from 2pm onwards!
Facebook event page.

Punk Halfdayer

Thursday 30th May (Birmingham)
We’ll be returning to the Adam & Eve at the end of May for another gig with Punks Alive – this time supporting Swedish goth rockers Dark Valentine.
Punks Alive page.

Punks Alive poster

Saturday 29th June (Brighton)
A fundraiser for Daughters Of Eve: an organisation committed to preventing female genital mutilation. It’ll take place in the Cowley Club and there will be a whole host riot grrrlesque groups also playing. More details to follow – keep an eye the live page.

…aaaand finally for now, we’d like to plug the latest issue of the Alternative Female Voices Magazine – not only because it’s great (as usual) but because our song “Balls” is on the covermount CD!


by Ruth

We’ve been making little references to Revolt for some time, and even put a hastily constructed poster for it onto the back of our most recent zine. But finally, the time has come to reveal more about Coventry’s riot grrrl night!

Revolt will take place in Taylor John’s House on Saturday 13th October. We’ll be opening the night in support of other punk bands, spoken word acts, DJs and a feminist burlesque group. Excited? Of course you are.

Full details can be found on the Revolt page, which should be updated over the next couple of months as more details are announced.

Not Right at Notts Pride

by Ruth

We’re playing the Trans Tent at Nottinghamshire Pride from around 1:30pm tomorrow (Saturday). In a sense, this is our first “festival” gig. We’ll be debuting a new song during our half-hour set, and will have some multi-coloured copies of our second zine.

If you can make it, there’s a whole load of other exciting things happening in the Trans Tent during the Saturday afternoon. Recreation Nottingham have put together a brilliant line-up with some of the best trans and queer performers in the country. Poetry, cabaret, comedy and rock…it’s all here.

We’ve created a Facebook event page for our set.

…and the full timetable for the afternoon is available below!

12:00 (Pride opens)
Single Bass
Angel/El Dia
Jase Redfield

Elaine O’Neill
Not Right

Lashings of Ginger Beer Time (1st set)
Dr Carmilla (1st set)
Single Bass

Lashings of Ginger Beer Time (2nd set)
Roz Kaveney
Sally Outen

Lashings of Ginger Beer Time (3rd set)
Dr Carmilla
George Hadden

Trioxin Cherry
Single Bass

Tia Anna

More gigs

by Ruth

We’re playing Robbin’s Well for the second time in as many weeks this coming Wednesday, at an event run by student promoters Resound. We’ll be playing alongside Subject To Change, Gunmen of the Apocalypse, Coast Is Clear and Instinct By Default.

The night kicks off at 7:30pm and entry is free! What’s not to like?

There’s an event page here for Facebook users.

Then at the end of July we’ve been invited to play the trans area at Nottinghamshire Pride (no, really!) We don’t have many details on this one as yet, so watch the live page for updates.

Leamington gig tomorrow!

by Ruth

We’re playing the basement of Robbin’s Well again tomorrow, alongside the awesome Mongolian Death Worm, We Are A Communist and Matt Shillito. It’s been organised by Dan and Freja of Communist.

We leaped onto the bill for this one at the last minute for various personal reasons…but better a late announcement than no announcement!

There is a Facebook event page here.

Review: Bar Wotever

by Ruth

What a night!

Tuesday’s set at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern was without a doubt the best gig we’ve ever played. Until now we’ve enjoyed providing some increasingly raucous performances, but we’d not quite managed to tap into that sound that we get in the practice room, when it all comes together and sounds like it’s meant to, like it does in our heads.

On Tuesday we managed it and then some. Sure, we’re still pretty rough and ready, but that’s the point. I felt my voice and my bass lock in with Kirsty’s vicious riffs and Snowy’s inventive drumming, as we shared our joy and anger with an utterly receptive audience. We also debuted a new backdrop flag and a new cover: Manic Street Preachers’ Repeat, a perfect song for the Jubilee.

We couldn’t ask for a more warm and welcoming crowd than at Wotever. A massive “thank you” to everyone who came!

Of course, our set was just the start of the night!

I didn’t manage to catch much of Killer’s Riches because we were packing our stuff, but what I did hear was pretty awesome. Kye Oram is a lovely fellow with a great voice, great hair, great politics and a heap of passion. I’m not sure whether he was attacking his guitar or making love to it, but either way there was a whole load of noise for one guy with an acoustic instrument.

I’ve been meaning to see The Makeshifts for ages so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Their music moved organically from quiet beauty to raging folk-punk wig-out and back again without fault: wonderful! I was particularly impressed by the addition of two new band members (including a temporary drummer, covering for a guy who has just had surgery) without any apparent impact on the group’s sound, which was very impressive. The addition of a violinist was particularly cool and really worked. A special mention should also go to the mesmerising cover of Mr Brightside – I really hate that song, and the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed the Makeshifts’ moving reinvention says a great deal. Vocal harmonies for the win.

Closing the night were Battle Of You, who were without a doubt the most polished act of the night. This was pop music as it should be, with songs that are actually about something performed with meaning and energy. Each song was stuffed full of hooks that cried out for you to dance around and sing along. There was some great musicianship from each member of the group, but it always served the bands’s quest for a perfect tune. Plus: pink spandex! A great headline act who I really hope to catch again one day.

Kudos also to Joe Pop and Seth Corbin for great DJ sets.

Finally, thanks to Jo and Ingo for organising such a wonderful night, and putting faith in us!

Here’s a video about the night by Jess Eyre, including a short snippet of “Tory Scum” and a brief interview with myself:

Our setlist is up here, with photos to hopefully follow soon!

London gig

by Ruth

It’s now less than a week until our gig at Bar Wotever, in London’s legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Details are as follows:

Date: Tuesday 29th May

Doors: 6pm-12am

Entry: FREE

Location: The Royal Vauxhall Tavern (just across the road from Vauxhall tube station)

Playing alongside: Battle Of You, The Makeshifts, Killer’s Riches.

We’re playing first, so get down early if you can!

Looking back, looking forward

by Ruth


Thursday’s gig has me looking in the rear view mirror. It was organised by the same people who offered us our debut performance just before Christmas, who were working in a similar capacity.

It’s also roughly a year since I unexpectedly bumped into Kirsty at a rock night in Coventry and she told me to start playing the drums for hers and Ruth’s band.

We’ve come a long way since both of those evenings. Here’s to a similarly long way yet.


I can’t believe it’s been around a year! We’ve come a long way in that time. For one thing, Snowy and I basically had no experience playing our respective instruments! The great thing about punk is that it can give anyone a gateway into music.

The crowd seemed a little bewildered on Thursday but I suppose that’s what comes of playing a postgraduate student event. I saw a few people getting into it though, loosening up, dancing a little, chanting along to “Tory Scum”. That’s what we like to see! Plus we got some great feedback afterwards.

Our next performance will be at the B/ull(s)hit Conference (University of Warwick library, Friday 4th May): a complete mockery of the academic world in which we’re embedded. Then we’ll be playing a “proper gig” at the Exchange in Leamington on 11th May before heading to London at the end of the month.

Thursday’s setlist:
News International
Intersectionality Song
Debate Club Wanker
Short Songs*
The Facilitation of Lawful Protest
Pasties and Beer
Kirsty’s PhD
Tory Scum
My Body
Rebel Girl**

* Dead Kennedys cover
** Bikini Kill cover

All the news that’s new

by Ruth

We’ve added two gigs to the “live” page…

The most exciting of these is our very first excursion to London. We’ll be playing alongside The Makeshifts and B.O.Y. at Bar Wotever on Tuesday 29th May. Come along for a queer old time!

We’ve also added some new photos and a couple of live recordings (with more hopefully to come).


by Ruth

There are now actually things to see and do on this site! We’ve updated the “live” page, added pictures and videos, and tentatively launched the beginnings of a directory of active riot grrrl acts in the UK. Expect a couple of live recordings (of considerably better quality than the videos) and the first issue of our zine to follow soon.