Looking back, looking forward

by Ruth


Thursday’s gig has me looking in the rear view mirror. It was organised by the same people who offered us our debut performance just before Christmas, who were working in a similar capacity.

It’s also roughly a year since I unexpectedly bumped into Kirsty at a rock night in Coventry and she told me to start playing the drums for hers and Ruth’s band.

We’ve come a long way since both of those evenings. Here’s to a similarly long way yet.


I can’t believe it’s been around a year! We’ve come a long way in that time. For one thing, Snowy and I basically had no experience playing our respective instruments! The great thing about punk is that it can give anyone a gateway into music.

The crowd seemed a little bewildered on Thursday but I suppose that’s what comes of playing a postgraduate student event. I saw a few people getting into it though, loosening up, dancing a little, chanting along to “Tory Scum”. That’s what we like to see! Plus we got some great feedback afterwards.

Our next performance will be at the B/ull(s)hit Conference (University of Warwick library, Friday 4th May): a complete mockery of the academic world in which we’re embedded. Then we’ll be playing a “proper gig” at the Exchange in Leamington on 11th May before heading to London at the end of the month.

Thursday’s setlist:
News International
Intersectionality Song
Debate Club Wanker
Short Songs*
The Facilitation of Lawful Protest
Pasties and Beer
Kirsty’s PhD
Tory Scum
My Body
Rebel Girl**

* Dead Kennedys cover
** Bikini Kill cover