B/ull(s)hit and Rocksoc @ The Exchange!

by hippasus

Well that’s another two gigs played!

First up, the B/ull(s)hit conference. A send-up of academia, we put to the test Charles Gill’s suggestion that our songs would be better augmented by slides exploring their topics in greater detail. We’re indebted to Ellie Lincoln for the loan of her electronic drum kit, as well as the organisers and attendees of the conference for putting up with our bullshit!

What made the gig interesting from my point of view was the slight lag caused by running the drums through the speakers of the room. While Kirsty and Ruth had to focus on following the sound from the speakers rather than the noise from my sticks hitting the pads, I had to concentrate on ‘playing’ a split second ahead of where they were.

Next up was our gig on Friday at the Exchange. A little bit touch and go since feeling ill had left me housebound on the day we were supposed to practice for it! Seemed to go down well though, with Ruth improvising some crowd singalongs to our new song Pasties and Beer.

It was an awesomely experienced lineup, with both Subject To Change and Sacrament having a year’s gigging over us, as well as both Matt Shillito and Mike Snowden laying down some incredible acoustic numbers.

Friday was also the day when Rebekah Brooks gave evidence to the Leveson inquiry, including details about how close her relationship with David Cameron was. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this story about their SMS conversations.

LOL, Snowy.