Revolt, Reviews, Renewal

by Ruth

So it’s been a little while since we posted an update here, but we’ve all been pretty busy in those personal lives we lead. Still, about time there was some reflection on recent happenings.

Revolt was full of awesome. The other acts were fantastic, the night had a great vibe and everything just went perfectly to plan (…which was weird, because I’ve been involved in a lot of nights and things never go perfectly to plan). There was feminism everywhere. I hear that our set went well but it was actually pretty difficult to tell from on-stage. I mostly remember some amusing false starts and trying to sing through a face full of hair.

There have been some pretty cool reviews in the wake of Revolt: you can read a couple of them at Cath Elms’ blog and the Atta Girl page.

We’ve also received a first review for Punk Is Not, courtesy of the Streetlamp blog. They compare us favourably to early 80s punk group !Action Pact! which is pretty damn flattering.

Finally (for now!) I’d like to draw your attention to some additions we’ve been making to this website. If you click on “sound and vision” you’ll find a whole host of photos, videos (including most of our set from Notts Pride), lyrics and the like. We’ve also finally got around to scanning our second and third zines, which you can find (predictably) under the “zines” tab. We’ll be periodically updating with new photos, new lyrics and the like as people take more pictures of us and we write more songs.