UK Riot Grrrl

[this page is no longer regularly updated, sorry!]

A lot of new bands that refer to themselves as (or otherwise intentionally reference) “riot grrrl” have formed or re-formed in the last few years. We’re not sure what triggered this wave of interest – in fact we were entirely unaware of it when we decided to form Not Right – but it’s awesome regardless.

Inspired by this and the Riot Grrrl UK group on Facebook, we decided to create a list of current, active riot grrrl bands based in the UK. You can find this below.

We’ve also decided to create an archive of UK-based riot grrrl bands, because there’s plenty of brilliant music still floating around from bands that are no more. You can find that here.

We are discovering new bands all the time. If you’re in a cool band or you know a cool band and would like us to provide a link, please let us know by commenting below.

Beyond The Dawn (Facebook)
Punk cabaret from Nottingham

Big Joanie (Bandcamp) (Tumblr) (Facebook)
Black feminist sistah punk from London

The Blue Minkies (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Pound shop pop from Brighton

Bratakus (Youtube) (Facebook) (Fandalism)
Two-piece riot grrrl sisters from the north of Scotland

Candy Heart Attack (ReverbNation) (Facebook)
Lo-fi punk from London

Cat Bear Tree (Musicborn) (Soundcloud) (Facebook) (Twitter)
Indie punk pop from London

Charla Fantasma (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Ghostly pop punk from London

Covergirl (Bandcamp) (Facebook) (Myspace)
Queer post-everything from London

Crack Foxes (Facebook)
Glam rock riot grrrl punk from London

Dirty (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Surfy riot grrrl/noise from Bristol

Dirtygirl (Bandcamp) (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
Pop hits with a riot grrrl twist – from York

Dog Legs (Bandcamp)
Sunny, poppy lo-fi tunes from London/Brighton

Drag (Home page) (Facebook)
Sleazy punk from Birmingham

Dream Nails (Facebook)
Feminist punk witches from hell (that is, London)

Drunken Butterfly (Bandcamp) (Facebook) (Myspace)
Folky, lo-fi punk from Bristol

Esper Scout (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Prog-influenced rockers from Leeds

The Ethical Debating Society (Bandcamp) (Facebook) (Myspace)
Post-grrrunk riot pop from London

Femmepop (Facebook) (Myspace)
Singer-songwriter from London

Fight Rosa Fight! (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Messy Riot Grrrl Punk from Cheltenham/Tewkesbury

Fresh (Bandcamp)
Multi-instrumentalist two piece from London

Gaptooth (Home page) (Facebook)
Electropop singer-songwriter based in London

Girls To The Front (Bandcamp)
Lo-fi alternative pop from Coventry

Grim Dylan (ReverbNation) (Facebook) (Myspace)
Punk/grunge from Derbyshire

Hearts Under Fire (Home page) (ReverbNation) (Facebook)
Punk rockers from Surrey

The Kut (Website) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Alt-rock trio from London

LIINES (formerly hooker) (Home page) (Facebook) (Twitter)
Post-punk from Manchester

Husbands N Knives (Bandcamp) (ReverbNation) (Facebook)
PMS-fuelled riot grrrl from Torquay

Jesus & His Judgemental Father (Myspace) (Facebook)
Riot grrrl pop punk from Leeds

Kerosene Queen (ReverbNation) (Facebook)
Riot grrrls from Birmingham

Lilith Ai (Soundclooud) (Facebook)
Savage sordid soul from London

Majorettes (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Garage punk from London

Maki Yamazaki (Home page) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Singer-songwriter from Glasgow

Matagot (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
Riot pop from South East London

MiaouMix (Facebook)
Radge-grrl noise from Edinburgh

Molasses (Bandcamp) (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
Two-woman noise from London/Cambridge

Momma Swift (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Banjo punk and acoustic feminist hardcore from Brighton

My Therapist Says Hot Damn (Tumblr) (Facebook)
Riot grrrly punk from London

Niagara Balls (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
A couple of girls laughing at their own jokes in Belfast/Warwickshire

Not Right (Home page) (Facebook)
Shouty punk from the West Midlands

Personal Best (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Power pop from Bristol

Petrol Girls (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Raging feminist hardcore from London

Rachele Whatever (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
Nu riot grrl from Manchester

Screech Bats (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
Skate punk from London

Sinister Hussy (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
Angry grunge metal from Brighton

Sister Ghost (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Hawk rock and blackbird punk from Derry/Belfast

Slum of Legs (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Six-piece grrrlgruppe from Brighton

The Smears (ReverbNation) (Facebook)
Punk/grunge from Nottingham

Spat (ReverbNation) (Facebook)
Punk/grunge from the Scottish borders

Swansong (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Alt/noise/punk rock from Cornwall

T-Bitch (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Trans riot grrrl from Essex

Ten Tigers (Home page) (Soundcloud) (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Crayon rock from Essex/Cambridgeshire

The Tuts (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Feisty all-girl indie/punk from London

The Twistettes (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
Bass/drum duo from Fife

The Wimmin’s Institute (Facebook) (Tumblr)
Post-grrrl supergroup from London

Tuffragettes (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Trans queer feminist synthpunk from London

V For Vagina (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
Noise punk from Glasgow